Travel Morocco review from fam. Beelen

Hi Martina,


Our travel through Morocco has been a great succes. We were unfamiliair with Morocco and we have all enjoyed it.


The 2 Mohameds have guided us perfectly, they drove safe and never did we feel unsafe on the road. Their enthusiasm and personal input was very welcome. The riads were beautiful and atmospheric.


The scenery is amazing, we really enjoyed the food and 'Montezuma's Revenge' has teased 2 of us a bit, but we could handle that.


The visits to the markets and craftmen was fun, and it was pleasant to have Toupi emphasizing that there were no obligations to buy, because that soon would become a hassle.


We have had an amazing trip and we look back onto it with great memories. Thank you for the perfect organisation and for us, dutch people, it is always easy when people say what they do, and also do what they say...excellent!


Thank you and best regards,


Paul and Margo Beelen

Dar Cilla

Zoë is the owner and Martina is the manager of Guest-house Dar Cilla which is unique of its sort in Tarifa. It is located at the Southermost point of Spain and at only 14 km from Morocco.


If you want to know more, or would like us to assist you in organizing a similar tour, or book a day trip to Tangier please contact Martina from Dar Cilla Travel services.


I so enjoy traveling Morocco myself with my starting point being Tarifa, that I want to share it with you. 

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