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Travel Morocco 2012: 10 days Atlas / Sahara / Atlantic...

Then came a very long drive indeed to Essaouria on an inland route (barely dotted on the map) which was again very attractive.  The wheel which had had a puncture came loose and we stopped to repair, on the narrowest part of the road on a little bridge, so no traffic (and there were some locals returning from Sunday picnics) could pass in either direction.  We were not popular.  Then you are glad not to be a 'foreign tourist not speaking the language'. However, a local lad who had been swimming lay under our car to help with the repair, very friendly.


Travel Morocco - 10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


We were glad to arrive in Essaouira (well known to several of us) and our guide had booked us into a very acceptable Riad, individual rooms for a very good price, very well located, and a good restaurant for those who were too tired to go out.


Day eight: after a leisurely morning drinking very good cappuccinos on the square, walking round the ramparts of Essaouira, visiting the picturesque working harbour, and doing some 'incidental' shopping, we rejoined our drivers who drove us out to our very favourite beach 14 kms. from Essaouira. Idyllic. 


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


The beach cafe is so simple, the fish brought in directly from the boats and cooked over a wood fire ... if you were to see this in a travel magazine you would doubt that such simplicity and authenticity still exists.  We spent the day there, the food was superb. 


Back to Essaouira for a last night, and pancakes in the street.


Day nine, a last morning in Essaouira, and around mid-day we left for Marrakech, stopping after about an hour and driving off route to an attractive picnic spot.  Then back to Marrakech, to arrive late afternoon, back in our Riad, with a warm welcome from the staff who felt like old friends.


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


We all stayed 3 days in Marrakech, partly by choice (it is great to unwind, to reminisce together about the trip, to 'chill', to shop etc.) and partly because the flight back to Sevilla only goes on Fridays.  We were all back home in Tarifa, the southernmost tip of Spain, before midnight.


AND WE ARE ALREADY PLANNING OUR NEXT TOUR.  We are swapping photos, a friend makes a book for us each year which is so professional, so charming ...friends and family can only find the patience to see a few photos, but when they are presented in a book like this absolutely everyone wants to leaf through it.  We are grateful to Paula. 


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


We have had the luck to be introduced to these two particular guides/chauffeur (thank you Bella), both Berbers so absolutely at home in the regions we have visited.  Both are highly organised, understand what we want and need (and provide same AS FAR AS IS POSSIBLE),  have pre-booked all these remote little auberges that no-one would find without them, have checked in the preceding months that they are clean (acceptably clean).  They order our dinners in advance (by mobile) having enquired what each person would like (usually tagine, there is not a wide choice, but these taste different everywhere and are really good).  They have calculated the distances between stops, found the little roads and idyllic picnic spots.  They are fun.  You feel safe with them.  I could recommend them to anybody ... anybody, that is, with a spirit of adventure and the right mind-set for such an adventure holiday.


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


If you want to know more, or would like us to assist you in organizing a similar tour, please contact Martina.


Our advice is very personal, we have been to the places ourselves, we were seven women, we were five nationalities, and ages between 40 and 80.  What we have in common is that we are all enthusiastic, flexible, and love Morocco. We all speak English, most speak reasonable French (this latter is pretty essential).


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


I have enjoyed writing this because I can re-live the whole experience, but I do realize you have to see it for yourselves to be able to appreciate the mind-boggling, breathtaking, fabulous scenery and enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of the Berbers.



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I so enjoy traveling Morocco myself with my starting point being Tarifa, that I want to share it with you. 

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