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Travel Morocco 2012: 10 days Atlas / Sahara / Atlantic...

We started off the next morning with a visit to a small, local market, where we bought baskets (I bought my basket straight from a girls'  back, with the band to go over her head, and the car smelt of camel for the rest of the journey) and a tagine made from coloured tin for one of the parties' sons. 


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


Berber jewellery sold from a little hut (no overheads)  was good value.  It was 'local colour and more local colour', not another foreigner to be seen.  Everyone was very friendly.  No hassle.


From there we followed a stony track covering little distance in one and a half hours, and getting a puncture.  That is when you appreciate being in two cars, the drivers help each other whereas we, seven (not entirely helpless) women would have been less successful. 


We had a picnic while they changed tyres.  The scenery was never boring, the sheer emptiness had its fascination.


Travel Morocco-10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


A short drive on a red road (we were almost surprised to discover these existed, and, I must admit, quite glad of a smooth ride for a while). 


We then visited an agadir (yes, same spelling as the city of Agadir).  An agadir is the equivalent of the (silver) vaults in London, or of your safe in the bank, except that this is built into the rocky hillside high up above the village.  It is where the villagers in times gone by stored their valuables (including grain and tools) when there was danger of conflict. 


Each family has its own 'vault' with a beautiful hand-carved door in front (these are now often sold for vast amounts in antique stores). Some are still used today. 


The guard then invited us for tea in his home in the village, and we enjoyed the 'ceremony' of making mint tea, of pouring it out, of returning it to the pot, of pouring again from an ever greater height ....


Travel Morocco-10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


From there we drove to our next overnight stop in a tiny village, in a Maison d'hôtes with lovely painted doors, a selection of farming tools, comfortable rooms, shared bathrooms on an open patio but plenty of hot water.  Two of our party were the first to use two newly built rooms with bathrooms.


From there we took an 'unmarked road' to visit La Plage Blanche.  What a joy to see the sea again, to have a picnic on the beach. 


We drove on to Mirleft which I had visited before and had not liked ... but this time we had such comfortable accommodation in such a lovely setting that I completely changed my mind.


Travel Morocco-10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


Individual rooms on a hillside, lovely comfortable beds, a good restaurant, we realized we were ready to appreciate 'nearly-home-comforts' again.


The next day to Tiznit, where most of the silver jewellery is made that is sold elsewhere throughout  Morocco. 


We went to the 'centre artisanal', where you see them doing the inlay work, and of course a large showroom attached.  One succumbed and bought a most unusual watch. Other than that there is not much to see in Tiznit, except for the large wall surrounding it.


We are now at day seven, and we drive on to Inezgane, not far from Agadir, where we drop one of our party to take a bus to Marrakech where she has her car.  She has to be back in Tarifa earlier than we do for her work.  We were all sad to see her leave.  You develop such a close band over such a trip. 


Travel Morocco-10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


We lunched at a roadside restaurant, very popular with local Moroccans for Sunday lunch.  The interior was multi coloured, the food was lamb roasted in front of you, chips and bread.  Meat eaters devoured the lamb which some thought delicious, the vegetarians opted out.

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