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Travel Morocco 2012: 10 days Atlas / Sahara / Atlantic...

The drive the next morning was awesome, narrow roads winding up and down on the side of the mountains (if you have a real fear of heights this could be a bit alarming, but our drivers are so steady, so cautious, so experienced that none of us felt anxious for one moment). 


Staggeringly beautiful. Between 2.300 and 2.500 metres.  Taking account of distances (and hours in the car, not only for ourselves but for our drivers) we had no alternative but to stay at a less salubrious auberge (we had been warned) which we instantly christened THE DIRTY DUCK (not only because the two fat ducks were decidedly distasteful). 


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


Since our drivers' last visit they had done their best to  'upgrade' and there were two rooms with toilets, but blankets and rugs left much to be desired. 


This is the moment you might enjoy to have your own sleeping bag or sheet!


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


Another fabulous  day  with a stop at the small town of Igherm, where we all indulged in the most lovely local colourful shoes with rubber (tyre) soles at extremely good prices, and thoroughly enjoyed buying our picnic in the very little local shops and the market.  


Then to Tafraoute, which initially does not look that promising, but we were ready for some excellent coffee (nuss-nuss in Arabic, half milk, half coffee) and some super smoothies, avocado with honey, apple ...


The drive at the end of the afternoon (so well timed by our guide who knew it would look its best as the sun set) to the incredibly beautiful rock formations outside Taroudant. Quite  awesome, I daren't think how many photos we took.


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


Thereafter  a superb night's stay in a Kasbah on the top of a hill – 60 or so steps up, luggage taken up for us, four and two shared rooms, one on her own. Bathrooms and hot water!  Time to wash hair etc.  A lovely meal in a comfortable salon (warm) and a terrace with great views, the night sky a-glitter with stars. 


We all said we could have stayed two nights here ...


Travel Morocco-10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic

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Dar Cilla

Zoë is the owner and Martina is the manager of Guest-house Dar Cilla which is unique of its sort in Tarifa. It is located at the Southermost point of Spain and at only 14 km from Morocco.


If you want to know more, or would like us to assist you in organizing a similar tour, or book a day trip to Tangier please contact Martina from Dar Cilla Travel services.


I so enjoy traveling Morocco myself with my starting point being Tarifa, that I want to share it with you. 

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