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Travel Morocco 2012: 10 days Atlas / Sahara / Atlantic...

The first day took us via Asni, where we visited Dar Asni, a hostal for Moroccan girls from the farming areas, enabling them to continue their education as they otherwise live too far away from the schools. 


This is part of the project EDUCATION FOR ALL (see their Moroccan web site : which I (and my guest house Dar Cilla in Tarifa, Spain) have supported for several years.  From the sale of each of my books (Tarifa Inside Out and Roud About) €.1 goes to Dar Asni. 


Travel Morocco-10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


It is such a professional set up, the girls are quite delightful, and I see where our money goes (this, for me, is a requisite of giving to charity).  Such a visit can always be arranged if those who come after me are interested.  It gives you a feeling of involvement with the country, you are no longer just an onlooker.


The drive, on a yellow road, over the Tizi-n-Test pass, was exhilarating. Our first night in a Hôtel Palais was very comfortable, large rooms, hot water, lovely gardens, peacocks fanning their tales at our breakfast table. 


Travel Morocco-10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


We were the only guests (beginning of March) but there was airco (hot) in our rooms.  We were being broken in very gradually. We took the direction of Taliouine, but thereafter hardly set 'wheels' on asphalted roads for the duration of our tour. 


We shopped for our picnics for the coming two days in Taliouine and for a meal we were going to cook in the following auberge,  and  set off into the Anti Atlas.  Staggeringly beautiful.


We then spent two nights in the next auberge – no heating, heavy blankets which gave little warmth, a shared toilet across a cold internal patio, but in a stupendous location, probably my favourite of the whole tour. 


Travel Morocco-10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


The views were breathtaking from a sort of large natural 'viewing platform', views into the distance, into the mountains, and down into a large oasis which the younger members of the group visited, talking to the women shouldering loads of palm trees .... and trying to shoulder these burdens themselves, with little success.  What hard labour the women do.  Incredible. 


And I am told the walk was beautiful, the almond trees were in bloom, it was so fertile, so well irrigated and cultivated. 


The second day there we indeed cooked our own meals; our guides set the level with superb omelettes berbères for lunch, and we competed with pumpkin soup, an auberge zaalouk (luckily one of our party is a professional cook with her own restaurant), pancakes with apple and cinnamon ... it was great fun, lots of laughter, but very cold feet as you have to take off your shoes before entering the salon!!


The evening was hilarious, spent playing the card game SET which was new to most of us, and certainly new to our guides.  I recommend.


Travel Morocco-10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic

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