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Travel Morocco 2012: 10 days Atlas / Sahara / Atlantic...

In the course of the ten days you will stay in very varied accommodation, varied in style and in comfort. Be prepared for this, and if you are not flexible and appreciative of the fact that wherever you go they do their best to make you comfortable in their way, you are on the wrong tour and should join an organised bus tour where they stop in standard hotels with shiny tiles and bars and pools .... 


Travel Morocco -10 days - Atlas/Sahara/Atlantic


You have chosen for an adventure tour, you will be 'off-road' nearly all the way, you will probably not pass another car, or if you do it is with travellers like yourselves (and not tourists). 


Take a hot water bottle, take ski socks.  Wear layers of clothing so that you can strip or add according to the temperature.  If you are lucky, you will have hot water everywhere.  The bathroom may, however, feel icy and be in the corridor.  Or you may have 'en suite'. Take your own shower gel or soap.  Ladies, take a body lotion, your skin quickly feels very dry.  The food is authentic, good, copious.  No alcohol, no wine.  You can take your own supply, but we choose not to do so in respect of their customs. Drink a lot of water (supplied by the driver) to prevent dehydration.   It is a good idea to wear boots and take sneakers, but we did not once need real, heavy walking boots. 


I, as the most senior citizen of the group, was glad to have my very attractive 'silver'-inlaid walking stick, bought in Marrakech for €.4. Take a couple of card games.


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


If you tend to feel car-sick, take a supply of pills;, there are days when the bends in the mountain roads are .... very bendy! 

Finally, perhaps wise to remind you that during much of the journey you are far from medical help.  Last year, when one of our party fell (while dancing!) and broke both her wrists, it was a local woman who 'set' her wrists with henna and date stones to keep them in place. 


Travel Morocco -10 days Atlas/Sahara/Atlantic


The tours I have done are indeed adventurous, passing through wonderful mountain scenery, and also deep into the desert ... but appealed as much to the youngest in our group (-40 years) as to the oldest (-80 – me!).  If a particular walk would prove too difficult, my guide told me this.  Other days I walked half of the scheduled distance, and the second car picked me up.  It was all so beautifully organised.  The 60 stairs up to our castle-auberge were no problem, your luggage is always taken up for you.


Travel Morocco -10 daysAtlas/Sahara/Atlantic


Now I will try to describe our tour, but I know that I shall quickly run out of adjectives/superlatives.

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Dar Cilla

Zoë is the owner and Martina is the manager of Guest-house Dar Cilla which is unique of its sort in Tarifa. It is located at the Southermost point of Spain and at only 14 km from Morocco.


If you want to know more, or would like us to assist you in organizing a similar tour, or book a day trip to Tangier please contact Martina from Dar Cilla Travel services.


I so enjoy traveling Morocco myself with my starting point being Tarifa, that I want to share it with you. 

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